AOL accounts.

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         It has come to my attention, twice now, that two of my clients who have AOL accounts found their accounts sending spam/junk email to everyone in their address-book. Both of them concluded that they were infected with some sort of virus, so I loaded up my usual arsenal(malwarebytes,avira rescue,spybot,ccleaner) and none found any infections. I hopped on over to google to read a bit, found a few articles about the issue, some even from respected PC magazine editors. Here is one from Norton.  At least Ten Thousand usernames/passwords were posted online, read below for a solution.

        My conclusion, AOL’s servers were hacked. If you’re using AOL’s browser, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera that means you are pulling your address-book from the server and if your address-book was in your computer then the scans would have picked up a virus/trojan that’s responsible for leaking that information into the net.

       Where does that leave you? Well, Change your password as often as possible, even if its every 3 weeks, two weeks, every week to avoid being on that list.

Stay safe online, change your passwords!