Recent thunderstorms killed my motherboard.

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It was a regular summer day on July 15, 2010. The temperatures were about 100-105F, blue skies, midday.  At around 3pm, the weather morphed to cloudy, lightning, thunder and massive rain. We lost power in the neighborhood, two of my computers went down, one had a battery backup but it still dropped but was shielded, the other wasn’t so lucky. Couple days later, my unlucky computer started showing symptoms. Symptoms were audio playback included white noise, so to test that it wasn’t the speakers going bad, I plugged my Samsung Moment to them and they worked great(the issue was the computer). Below is a sunset picture of that stormy day.

I started getting 3 beeps during boot time. Tested memory, unplugged the hard drive, power supply, I just didn’t have enough components around me to test everything. I took the PC to a shop for a diagnosis they found the motherboard was at fault. I got a new motherboard, snagged a 500GB hard drive for $44, headed home to do the installs to get the computer back online.

Long story short, I copied my 120GB IDE old drive to the new 500GB SATA in low level mind you. It was done bit by bit, the 120GB was bootable and the 500GB became bootable too. Afterwards I ran Gparted to resize/move partitions around. Commands below, the copy event duration was 62mins long. Good day!

dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=4096 conv=notrunc,noerror

then used Gparted to rearrange the partitions, all done on live cd(10 LTS).