Your Evo, Handbrake, Maximum Video experience. HTC Evolved!

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first, thanks to the community for all your hard work on roms, kernels, root methods, updates, themes and many more.
My current Evo setup:
Fresh 3.2 pre-public release.
netarch’s kernel cfs
2.2 Rooting Instructions.

This tutorial will show you how to convert your videos to h264 which is natively supported by the evo. Original sample files are .mkv, final converted video is .m4v.
Perfect sweet spot for -best- quality vs storage capacity.

Step 1). Grab Handbrake. Handbrake
Step 2). Install Handbrake.
Step 3). Launch Handbrake.
Step 4). Top left, select “Source->Video File”

Step 5). Select the “Apple Universal preset”

Step 6). Output Settings, Container “MP4 File” should be selected. Destination, find a spot to drop the converted file, use “Browse” button.

We use the universal preset as a template to build a custom one.
Simple steps, infact only two areas will be addressed on this tricks post.
The “Video” and “Picture” tabs.

Our source sample reveals these details: — .720p.BluRay.DTS.x264 — : out in the wild.
–Length is approximately 1min 10secs, use your imagination.

Codec: H264 – MPEG-4 AVC (Part 10)(avc1)
Resolution: 1280 x 544
Frame Rate: 23.976215

Codec: DTS Audio (dts)
Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
Bitrate: 1536 kb/s

———— My first test settings ——————-
Step 7). Picture tab should look like this, Width set at 832, Anamorphic: Loose.
That is all you need to touch.

Step 8). Video Codec: H.264(x264) :: Constant Quality: Set at 70.1% RF:15.25

Step 9). Either “Add to Queue” and/or “Start” your encoding…

Settings above resulted with a video that was 1.8GB in size, a running time of 1hr 42mins, encoding ran for about 44mins. Original source file was 4.7GB
———— My first test settings End ——————-

Original sample filesize: 53.5MB, calculate the ratios accordingly.
——–Some templates———-
Template: God Of War
Width: 1280 :: Picture Tab
Constant quality: 70.1% :: Video Tab
Size: 53.5MB
Template: Athena
Width: 1024 :: Picture Tab
Constant quality: 65.2% :: Video Tab
Size: 17.05MB
Template: Zephyr
Width: 960 :: Picture Tab
Constant quality: 60.78% :: Video Tab
Size: 8.7MB
Template: Mjolnir
Width: 720 :: Picture Tab
Constant quality: 55.88% :: Video Tab
Size: 4.1MB
Template: Supersonic — As sweet as it gets.
Width: 832 :: Picture Tab
Constant quality: 70.1% :: Video Tab
Size: 19.89MB

According to my evo setup above,
1. Open ES File Explorer,
2. Select the video file,
3. Open As Video,
4. Choose ES Video Player

I hope everyone finds this helpful, enjoy!

  1. fireNice

    It’s also good to note that it’s better to have manageable files instead of large GB ones.

    My presets above will produce very large files and lower class microsd cards might choke during playback. So play around with the quality percentage to get small files.