Introducing, The Midnight Scene.

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         A few months ago I got invited by a friend of mine to one of their shows. We drove for about an hour to get to this bar, the session they were playing was at 11-ish pm. After arriving, I was greeted by the band members of ‘The Midnight Scene‘, quite a cool bunch. So we all rolled into the bar, checked out the atmosphere, stage, and a few friends known by the band.

         I was there to test out my new camera, the 5dMk2, more specifically the low light capability and how well my zoom h4 recorder would handle the ‘LOUD’ environment. Earlier that week I had read a bit more about the camera, some tips here, there, all over the net. A few bands played before so I got a chance to get the sweet spots for the 5dmk2/H4, I was dialed in and ready to R-O-C-K.

        The link below will show you the videos, remember, the only light source on the stage were the DJ lights and some ceiling lights that were dim. To put it in other terms, someone else was also recording video and upon reviewing their footage all you could see was the DJ lights and total darkness everywhere(no band members visible).

Here is a link to the videos.
The Midnight Scene

I also managed to squeeze a photo shoot after the session, so here are a few pictures. Hit the link below to view the gallery.

The Midnight Scene Gallery

I got a chance to head out again with band to a recording studio in Santa Ana, you will see some goofy videos above, that happened during break @ BeeHive Studios. So after recording it was only sensible that they have their songs on itunes and/or other distribution sites. Well, an album cover had to be done. Tony and I scoped out a few places in our local area, we found and shot some pictures, edited and the result is beneath.

Here is the final cover art for The Midnight Scene itunes release.

After you’re done, visit the band’s myspace page, facebook page, and itunes.
Facebook: The Midnight Scene
MySpace: The Midnight Scene
Itunes: The Midnight Scene